How to update domain to prioritize FB ad event beyond iOS 14.5

Hello! In Meta Business Manager, when I’m setting up FB & Insta ads, I get this message:

“You haven’t selected a domain that prioritizes your event for iOS 14.5. Your ad may not deliver to people who have opted out of tracking on iOS 14.5 or later devices.”

What do I need to adjust on my domain to prioritize for more than iOS 14.5?


How is that Cloudflare related? You need to clarify this on a Facebook or Apple forum.

Thanks! My domain control panel is on Cloudflare, and it seems like I need to adjust settings in my domain to prioritize beyond 14.5. My domain registrar suggested asking Cloudflare support about this.

I am afraid your registrar’s advice is wrong and that’s nothing Cloudflare is controlling. If this is something you need to set up via DNS, then you always have Cloudflare’s DNS page, but apart from that you really have to clarify that on a forum specific to Facebook or Apple.

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