How to update cloudflare with your ISP service provider dynamic ip address working on wordpress?

Is there a way to update the dynamic IP address via WordPress with siteground hosting?

What dynamic IP address? Siteground isn’t going to have a dynamic IP assigned to the server hosting your WordPress site.

I was just asking how to set up a dynamic IP on Cloudflare rather than me add it on IP Access Rules each time when it changes…

I understand your goal now. Thanks for clarifying.

You should be able to script it using the Cloudflare API.

Your script would need to obtain your current dynamic public IP and compare it with the IP in your access rule. If it matches, the script can exit. Otherwise it needs to update the rule (or delete and replace if update is not an option).

The API reference guide should have what you need to figure out the API calls. The specifics and language of the script are up to you.

This part i understand how do i go about it via wordpress?

I don’t understand your question. Can you describe your setup and what you expect WordPress to do?

In a typical configuration, WordPress should be your origin server and have no part in anything to do with updating the dynamic IP in your access rule.

have dynamic IP addresses with my internet provider so I wish to add that automatically with Cloudflare

Theoretically it should be possible, but it is going to be more complicated than a simple client side script.

It is not a feature of the Cloudflare plugin, if that is what you are asking. It could be a pretty cool addition, though.

You would need to write code to extract the IP used by your session and perform the same check and update API calls. Make sure obtain your actual IP, and not the Cloudflare IP.

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Edit 2: I realized that this couldn’t work from WordPress since it is a Catch-22. WordPress can’t obtain your new IP from your login to update Cloudflare rules if Cloudflare is blocking your WordPress login because your IP changed. Stick with the client side script approach and leverage the Cloudflare API.

this explains it a bit but CloudFlare DDNS - Update CloudFlare with Your Dynamic IP Address - YouTube
it tells you to have a docker for your hosting or something?

The video you linked to is for updating an A record with your dynamic IP and has nothing to do with updating access lists. Unless you already are using Docker for other things, I don’t see any point in deploying Docker for the purpose of DDNS updates, considering that there are plenty of other simple (FSVO simple) ways to achieve that same goal.

My repeatedly asking what you are hoping to accomplish may sound like a strange mantra, but at this point, I don’t know if you are wanting to update a DNS record to point at dynamic IP or update the IP in a Cloudflare access list. You have sated the latter and shared a solution that relates to the former. How WordPress and Siteground web hosting fit into your objective is equally unclear. Until you figure out exactly what you are trying to achieve, it is going to be to impossible for anyone to provide a useful answer.

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If your ISP Service provider gives out dynamic IP addresses. And you have set Cloudflare so that only you can access WordPress. That means you have to add it on “IP Access Rules” each time it changes…
or you get access denied screen…

How do I make it so the dynamic IP addresses given from ISP Service provider update on Cloudflare?
How do I do this with sitground hosting or WordPress or any other way possible?

If you have a static IP address from the ISP Service provider this would not be a problem.

It sounds like you are hosting a web application (WordPress) that happens to use Siteground as the provider of the origin server. Your goal seems to be to limit access to that web application to only your own dynamic IP address. You have made steps to implement that by employing a Clouflare IP Access Rule. Since your IP is dynamic and sometimes changes you find find yourself unable to access your web application because your IP no longer matches the one in the rule that grants you access. You can log in to Cloudflare and change the IP in the rule via the CF dashboard, but it is not as convenient as you would like.

The web application and specific host are not relevant aspects of the problem that you are seeking to solve. Dropping them from your whole thought processes on this challenge will make it easier to reach your desired outcome. They only serve to make the question unnecessarily confusing and distract from the parts that matter.

If the first paragraph in this reply is an accurate summary of what you want to happen, I defer to my earlier post as the best means to achieve your goal. The Cloudflare API has support for updating rules.

So how do I add this on wordpress maybe a video tutorial would be nice. I’m not a tech genius. Thank you for your help I know about the API just need to know how to go about it. Maybe a step by step guide…

You don’t add it on WordPress.That was the whole point of the second paragraph in my previous reply. The resource behind Cloudflare is immaterial to your problem.

You need to write a script that runs on a computer running on the LAN side of the dynamic IP that your ISP provides you. The exact content of the script depends on too many variables to be able to give you a step-by-step. Everything from the operating system you are using to run the script, to the site you want use to check your public IP, to the programming language and your shell are all factors that will affect the steps required.

If you have some preferences on the aforementioned factors that will influence the specifics of your script, you could share them here and see if anyone is willing to help get you moving in the right direction.

The exact content of the script depends on too many variables to be able to give you a step-by-step.

just need a basic step-by-step guide from Windows 10 to Cloudflare. If there is any other way please do let us know.

Need a basic script IP change to let Cloudflare know that my IP has changed and to allow access to the new Ip address.

Have you tried using Google to search for a Windows 10 Dynamic DNS Client like this?

I can’t seem to find a solution where I can find software or do it on windows 10 CMD or even PowerShell scripting it so that when the IP changes to let Cloudflare know that my IP has changed and to allow access to the new Ip address.

if anyone can show me a youtube clip close to what I’m asking that be nice.

Have you tried an Access Policy with email authentication instead?

Relying on IP address for access to an application backend is never going to be safe if you do not control the IP address. As has clearly (and patiently) demonstrated, you can write a script that would check for you public IP address (there are dozens of IP address APIs to chose from, google) and update your IP-based access policy via Cloudflare API, but there’ll always be windows of time when the authorized IP will not be under your control.

I’m not a wizard when it comes to Internet security online. Please let me know how to go about it basic level with clips on youtube.

I understand I need a Cloudflare API to pull the data, but what software or script do I use on Windows OS?

Is this not a common issue? I understand you can just ask your ISP to give you a static IP but that cost money. Or you can start your own web hosting and have a docker do it for you.

What do consumers do with Dynamic Ip address from ISP?

Something basic like this I would like to know.

You are correct, this is a very common problem and it has equally common solutions.
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If you absolutely need to follow a YouTube video, you can try >CLICKING HERE< for some of those.