How to update an SSL certificate from the server?

We had a Comodo certificate and it goes to be expired soon.
We started to use another one from a “Let’s encrypt” company.
So we taked the certificate, we have done another one nginx config, but browser (because of cloudflare) shows the info about the old certificate. How we can to update this “ssl cache” and tell to Cloudflare about a new certificate? I want to see “Let’s encrypt” info, can Cloudflare take the new one from the server’s config instead of the old?
Sorry for my english and Thanks.

  1. We have a basic plan for a one website.
  2. On the server of this website we had a Comodo ssl certificate.
  3. After we connected Cloudflare, so Cloudflare started to use the existed Comodo’s ssl certificate from the server, right? I have in my browser information about “Comodo”.
  4. We also have a mail about “Your ssl will be expired soon” from Comodo. So we created another ssl certificate from “let’s encrypt” company instead of Comodo.
  5. We changed a configs for a new certificate (Nginx configs on the server)

So now I want to see this new certificate in my browser’s info, just to be sure, that it will work after the expiration date of my old certificate. But I still have a Comodo’s information there. Looks, like Cloudflare still use the old certificate. Kind of own cache, right? How can I reset this “kind of cache”? Can you understand me?

Thank you.

Not exactly.

Your Comodo certificate and private key are installed on your origin server.

Cloudflare has a different certificate and private key installed on their CDN servers. By coincidence, they also use Comodo (along with one or two other CAs).

If you look closely, the expiration date is probably different.

Replacing your origin server’s certificate with a Let’s Encrypt certificate is fine, but it won’t affect what users see in their browsers for :orange: domains.

What is your domain?

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Thank you.
So Cloudflare use an own certificate, not my. I’ve understood it now.
So if my origin SSL from “Let’s encrypt” with a good date - I can be sure, that it will work perfectly, right?

Thank you!

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