How to unsubscribe from Cloudflare emails - v2

Similar to How to unsubscribe from Cloudflare emails, my communication preferences are set to ‘Cloudflare may not send me emails’ but I’m receiving emails such as ‘Getting Started with Cloudflare Workers’.

  1. How do I stop all these emails?
  2. Why isn’t there an unsubscribe link in the email? It would save a lot of duplicate threads such as this one :wink:

Thanks for your help.

Hi @chrisanderson85,

Have you got a ticket open about this? If so, can you post the number?

It looks similar to this:

cc @TKlein

Hi, no I don’t have a ticket open, I thought the ‘done thing’ was to report it here actually!

Yes the issue you linked looks similar, although the suggestion there won’t work for me - emails are coming from e.g. [email protected] instead of [email protected]. I also can’t see an Unsubscribe link in these emails.

Thank you,

Thanks for the extra info. This is definitely the best place for general issues, but they can look at the specifics of your account and subscriptions in a ticket.

Are they account related emails you are receiving rather than marketing that you have opted out of in the profile section on your account?

Thanks for your help. They seem to be more getting started/on-boarding emails, e.g. the other one I received today was ‘Check out our step-by-step guide for your core setup’.

Again, there’s no unsubscribe option, the email footer states: “THIS IS A SERVICE-RELATED EMAIL
This email was sent to […] because you are a Cloudflare customer or requested information about Cloudflare services.”

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I suspect that is why there isn’t an unsubscribe link, but I’ll see if I can get a staff member to jump in here and have a look for you.

Hey @chrisanderson85 !

Could you forward to [email protected] one of these emails and let me know what email address do you receive them at?

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Hi, I just forwarded an email to [email protected] from the email address I received it :slight_smile:

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Got it. Just confirmed via email that I received it. Will get back to you soon as poossible.

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