How to unflatten CNAMES at root?

Hello guys,

I’ve been trying to hook a custom domain with Azure Web Apps using a subdomain on Cloudflare, but the CNAME Flattening is avoiding the authentication to go through.

My problem is similar to the one noted here in the Community Forum.

The problem that I’m having is that I’m not able to remove CNAME Flattening from the DropDown menu even though that the naked domain that I had has been removed:

#CommunityTip error

#communitytip 521 error

Damn… Thanks!

It is relatively simple. You can’t.

If you want a CNAME for your naked domain you need to have it flattened, as a naked domain cannot be a CNAME by definition, hence Cloudflare needs to flatten it (usually you wouldnt be able to set up a CNAME at all).

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That’s my point @sandro, even if I remove the naked domain CNAME, the option to disable flattening on the root level doesn’t come up.

@anon24710329 told that if I’m not a Pro member of Cloudflare, disabling CNAME Flattening at root level is not possible.

Ehm, because you cannot disable it. But if you do not have a CNAME for the naked domain it doesnt matter at all anyhow, I am not sure about the question.

The information was not really accurate. You can never disable it. With a paid account you can only also flatten all other records.

For the record here, and I believe that it’ll be useful for Azure Customers in the future.

If you can’t add a non-flattened CNAME, you Azure let’s you make the same “registry” using a TXT to prove that you are the owner of the domain:

I created a TXT record (that is pure DNS) pointing to my Azure Web App solution.

TXT Record:

The authentication just worked. Thank you @sandro and @anon24710329 for the quick engagement on this thread.

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