How to understand BGP Announcements on Cloudflare Radar?

I fail to reproduce the same numbers “BGP Announcements” with my own tool when I use a single location from routeviews[1] MRT dumps.

Does Cloudflare count any of the 8 possible subtypes[2] as 1 annoucement? Does it count one annoucement per prefix in a single UPDATE message? Do they count all announcement duplicates across all the routeview/RIS bgp locations separatetly?

The documentation fails[3] to precise this.


Hey deck,

Thank you for reaching out! The BGP announcements graph on Radar shows the BGP messages volume received at Cloudflare’s infrastructure. We do not use public BGP data like RouteViews or RIPE RIS for this particular graph.

On this topic, RIPE stats’s BGP volume chart is more likely to be reproducible using RIS data:

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