How to understand and tweak rules based on captcha success rate

On the screenshot below I provided results for a rule that is one. The score is pretty low, but 8% of captcha is being solved (probably real customers)… Is there any way I can find out details for this requests? If I click - it just lands on the firewall activity and filter “rule_id=…”. But it doesn’t help to distinguish those 8%…


I think that option is not currently provided by Cloudflare to check detailed information of Solved captcha requests. But they do provide basic information each request that trigger the firewall.

Hi eldhose, thanks for replying - though in m question text is mentioned that I am aware on firewall activity that logs each event, but it doesn’t help to distinguish the ones that solve challenge.

I understand that there is no functionality or known experience on how to get that. Thanks.

yeah, there isn’t an option for now.

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