How to unblock IP addresses blocked by Firewall rule

How do I unblock some IP address once they are blocked by firewall rules:


  1. Modify the existing firewall rule, use the “Source IP Address - is not” comparison to exclude the IP address from being matched. If you have multiple IP addresses, use the “is not in” comparison to define multiple IP addresses. You should use the AND operator in this case.
  2. Create a new firewall rule which matches the IP addresses that you want to exclude, use the “Source IP Address - is not” or “is not in” comparison. Choose the firewall action to Allow, save it and move the firewall rule above the existing “Block” firewall rule.

If I delete my firewall rules then will these IPs gets unblocked?

I have deleted my firewall rules but now I not getting access to these IP address, I have mistakenly blocked traffic from the country I have bought my shared hosting so now my website is not accessible, can you help me in this I have tou allow all IPs.