How to unblock access from IP

We have set our site access to only accept traffic from the US and UA. We have a user in Hawaii that is being blocked from our site. We added their IP address to our firewall and they are still unable to access the site. What do we need to do to allow them access?

Thanks for your help

Hawaii is part of he US. So your rule to only accept traffic from the US and UA is not what is blocking your friend, unless perhaps he’s accessing the internet through a VPN that masks his actual IP address.

You can check on Firewall > Overview > Firewall Events to see what exactly is causing your friend’s IP address to be blocked.


Thanks for your response.

I did a whois on the public IP address they use and it is reported as Spectrum and a US IP. When I proxy the site thru CloudFlare the firewall log does not contain the IP. When I shut off the proxy and have the user access the site they are able to access after propagation completes. The firewall log now reports the IP they show as their public IP.

What is your security level set to?

It might be the case that their IP is on some sort of blacklist, and Cloudflare is blocking it

Also, could you show the error message they get when they try to visit your site?

The security level is currently set to Essentially Off. How would we find out if they are on some sort of blacklist?

CloudFlare Error

This is not a standard Cloudflare error message. It seems that a Firewall at your host is blocking the IP. Have you asked your hosting provider’s support for assistance?

Thanks, Yes we have the ISP looking to the issue as well. Our unexplained situation is even though this is not a CloudFlare error, when we turn off the proxy the site is accessible for that location. When we turn it back on they can no longer access. CloudFlare is our only common denominator.