How to turn on the Web Application Firewall

The Web Application Firewall says it is off. How do I turn it on?

WAF is only available to paid plans. Are you on FREE?

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yes, I have free.

That would be the cause. WAF is a paid only feature at this time.

Thanks. I didn’t see anything there to indicate that. It only shows off. I suppose the monthly fee is per domain, not per account. Is that correct?

That is an excellent point. We are in the process of reviewing all of the dashboard features that are gated by different plan levels to make it clearer. I’ll flag this one to the PMs working on that.

While it is being worked on, could you put together a list of all POPs and their availability by plan and/or feature set (any features that are or are not available in a particular location, plus the primary and secondary cache tiers).

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