How to turn off rate limiting

I enabled rate limiting but need to turn it off asap as I do not understand how pricing works (for example:If my web app gets 5 million visitors, would that mean roughly 5 million requests at $0.05 per 10k requests?) I and am concerned about my bill being very high.

Can’t you just toggle it OFF or X it out?


Usually, I do not setup Rate Limiting on the whole domain, rather on a part of it like WordPress login or an API to protect it (as the API using Ajax calls which directly affects the database and the server load which could be easily disrupted if so).

If concerned about if the reources like CSS, JS, fonts, images, etc. would also count as a requests, short answer - no, but …

Depending on rule you have setup, the request path (exact URL) or the webpage the visitor is requesting, if I am correct, all the requests made to it are counted.

  • and not all the resources like an webpage URL can have 0-135 or more resources to load up and show propperly …

And not for example a webpage which has got 30 images, 5 CSS, 7 JS resources, etc. - theses requests should not be coutned.

The Rate limiting applies for the exact URL pattern match, for example like - for the count number even the “good” one (your personal, your friend, your CEO, your company …) and the other requests from the “bad guys” wanting to do harm to your website are being coutned.


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