How to turn off mail spam protection? Email Stops working

How do I turn off the mail spam protection? Every time I add the GMAIL MX records, the records change, and i stop receiving emails entirely. Incredibly frustrating as this keeps happening regularly and I’m having to delete the mailspamprotection MX records and replace it with GMAIL.

I thought it would be an SPF record that was causing the issue, but I removed that last time but my MX records continue to get replaced and i continue to stop receiving emails.

Someone advise?

To clarify, I need my MX records to maintain the gmail ones:


But instead, it keeps reverting back to:


This is incredibly frustrating as when this happens i don’t receive any emails and I’m probably missing emails as they’re undeliverable.

I’m thinking some service has access to your Cloudflare account and is set up to ‘maintain’ the correct DNS records for you. You should go to the audit log and see if they’re being changed after you change them yourself.

If the DNS records are being changed by some unknown IP address, you should ‘change’ your ‘global API key’ and/or revoke any API tokens you’re not directly using yourself.

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I can see from the audit it is being changed. But I can’t see who or what is changing it. How can I find this out? If I can find this out, I can pinpoint the issue more. Any ideas?

Only via the IP address. You can plug it into to find out what the ISP is.

Otherwise I still recommend changing the global API key and revoking all API tokens, since that’s probably the method being used to change the DNS records.

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