How to turn off I am not a robot captcha?

My site is , I did’nt opt any security to my site, but a Captcha is appearing whenever I open my site. How do I turn this off.

My SSL is flexible, using wordpress
Under attack mode is off
Bot fight mode is off
Security level is essentially off, but still this captcha appears all the time, how do i turn off?

Flexible is insecure and should never be used, you’re effectively lying to your visitors about your site’s security. Only ever Full (Strict)

That’s not Cloudflare’s captcha. Cloudflare doesn’t use recaptcha anymore and never did with that styling.
That is Lightspeed’s recaptcha (reCAPTCHA Protection in LiteSpeed Web Server | LiteSpeed Documentation), sent by your Web Host/Origin Server. If you don’t know anything about it, contact your host, who appears to be Hostinger.

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