How to turn off CDN


I am setting up a website on and they asked me the following question:

Our devs tested Cloudfare and suggests that SSL and the DNS HTTP proxy CDN is turned off in Cloudfare’s control panel. Please contact Cloudfare on how to turn this off.

How do I do this?


Simply set the records on question from :orange: to :grey: by clicking the cloud icon.


I don’t see where they are listed in Cloudflare’s DNS settings. Are they somewhere else?


Where what is listed? :thinking:

Login to your CloudFlare dashboard and klick “DNS”

There are your records. Check if they have an orange cloud icon with an arrow. If there’s one, click on it and it will change to :grey:


Thanks for your help here. Here is a screenshot of what I see:


The column on the right has all of the :orange: and :grey: clouds. Click on them to switch.

The blurring, it’s kinda useless since you have no records behind Cloudflare and it’s still legible.


Well, obviously I didn’t think it was wise to have those details out across the internet and didn’t think anyone needed to see it.

The question is, do I need to click on any of those orange clouds to accomplish the desire of turning off the SSL and DNS HTTP proxy CDN? I can’t see that solving this problem.


There was no need to post it :wink:

I don’t know if you really need to deactivate it as I don’t know why your devs asked you to do so. What issues do they have with it?

If you would like to, klick the cloud icons behind the CNAME record for www and the A record for your root. But your screenshot shows a different domain. You mentioned in your first post.


The devs are asking you to stop using Cloudflare as a proxy. Changing the :orange: to :grey: for whatever the DNS records they are attempting to manage on your behalf would be the way to achieve what they are asking for.

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