How to turn off CAPTCHA

hi I need to turn off CAPTCHA is constantly showing up
I already chose “Essentially Off” in Security Level, However, CAPTCHA appears a lot

i don’t have any Firewall Rules are being enabled

This could mean either your IP is being flagged or there could be a Firewall rule that is overriding the setting.

If you want to remove the captcha from your site, go to Firewall, Firewall Rules click ‘Create a Firewall rule’ and do something like:

If the url contains then Allow.

I wouldn’t suggest doing this long term however as its basically disabling the Firewall and allowing all traffic to pass.

I’d look in your Firewall Events and see what is triggering the captcha, and try on a different connection to see if its only your connection that is getting the captcha for whatever reason that may be.

thank you for your reply

I have to Create a Firewall " URL contains [] then Allow"
But CAPTCHA is still showing me !!

Allow IP address to bypass

OK scratch what I just said, allow it to bypass

I did something like this

But the same problem exists

Does anything show up in the Firewall Events Activity Log?

I do not know

Today, this message appears in an exaggerated manner

That’s very important information. Please check in the Firewall section for your domain at

This is my ip log

Are you on a paid plan? If so:
In that firewall rule, try changing the “Allow” into a Bypass for WAF.

I was on the paid plan, but I switched back to the free plan and then this problem appeared

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