How to turn off 'Are You a Human'?

How do I turn off ‘Are You A Human’? This issue didn’t used to happen but now it does. This only happens on a sub domain e.g

I’ve used different computers and have tried in a private tab, still the same issue.

It could be the Security Level setting, a bot management rule, a WAF rule, etc.

In your Cloudflare dashboard go to Security Events and you can look at the log for when you got one of these challenges and see exactly what triggered it. Look for your own IP address at the appropriate time.

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I can’t see that I have any rules in place. Please take a look at the screenshot showing the challenge. Thank you. :grinning:

That indicates that you have Bot Fight Mode turned on. Shut it off under Security → Bots.

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I still have the same issue with the Bot or off. For some reason the subdomain keeps displaying the ‘are you a human’.

If you shut off Bot Fight Mode (give it up to 30 seconds) and are still getting the challenge, there should be a new log entry with a new reason in your Security Events. What does it say now?

There are no new log entries.

I just hit your site in Firefox and got the challenge. It must be creating log entries? I’m wondering if there’s a delay in shutting off Bot Fight Mode or if something else is happening.

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Its definitely something else. I only turned on the Bot Fight Mode a few hours ago This has been happening a for a few months now.

I was able to get the same result as from your site by setting Security Level to “I’m Under Attack”. This gave me the same challenge you’re seeing even with Bot Fight Mode shut off.

Use the Filter feature on the Security Events log to search for this Ray ID: 86cd419dbea9064a

I just hit your site and got a challenge with that ID. It should be in your log.

The log doesn’t display anything.

What’s your Security Level setting set to?

Other than that I’m at a bit of a loss, as there should be a log entry.

I think I’ve found the issue and it seems it’s with a partner company. By replacing their domain with mine, the issue goes away. e.g


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