How to tunnel a simple VNC server

Hey guys,

I have a Ubuntu 22.04 system with cloudflared installed and a vnc server from gnome. I want to tunnel that VNC to my custom domain(.gq) that I have setup in Cloudflare. I tried following multiple guides from the documentation but none of them worked for me. The VNC server is accessible inside my local network on port 6081 via 192.168.xx.xx:6081 and I want to be able to access it via from anywhere(My local network is behind a NAT).

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I have the same problem. Did you find a solution? Which service type did you use UNIX, TCP? Thanks for any update.

I am also attempting to tunnel a VNC server to bypass CGNAT, I have the VNC server and tunnel running, also the Zero trust application set to VNC self hosted using port 5900, but I cant seem to connect the VNC client through the tunnel. (vnc://hostname:5900)

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Btw, I can access the VNC server if I set the Browser rendering to VNC, but only for 5 seconds before the connection is closed with:
WRN Connection terminated error=“connection with edge closed” connIndex=2

And the browser displays:
The origin has unexpectedly closed the connection. Please confirm that the origin is healthy.

The browser method would meet my needs if it wouldn’t keep closing.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.