How to troubleshoot CNAME Records

Last night we add the CNAME record to our domains the cloud color is orange (so its mean actived). And my question is:

(1). What should i do to check if the CNAME is working.
(2). If i already do the first step and still not recorded that our new CNAME is not works. How should i do?
(3). For FREE Members, can i sent a tickets to support of Cloudflare to make sure that our CNAME is registered?

Kindly Regards.

A CNAME works like a regular A record. Either do a host lookup, or type that address into a web browser.

How is it not working?

If you post the CNAME and domain, we can provide more assistance.

Hi @syadman,

Here is the detail:
CNAME: 16450989

It is still not working :frowning:

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