How to transfer

How to transfer DNS records from one Cloudflare account to another Cloudflare account which is newly created without down time for Website and Email

I have domain in GoDaddy and currently our Name servers are pointing to Cloudflare.

I am planning to create new Cloudflare account and migrate all DNS records.

Planning to add new name servers obtained from new Cloudflare account as additional name server in GoDaddy to avoid downtime.

So, we will be having 4 Name Server in GoDaddy now.

After few days, we plan to remove old Name Server from GoDaddy.

What are the impacts to my Email and Webservers…?

You should remove the older cf nameservers and the godaddy nameservers such that you only have 2 nameservers, the ones from the account you are moving the domain into.

If you go the route I think you are suggesting with a mix of 4 cf ns from 2 accounts along with gd namerservers I suspect the domain will never activate in the second account.

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This Community Tutorial explains the seamless migration process.


Thanks for looking into my query, Still i have one doubt, when we change the new server in Gogdaddy console, will there not be any down time…?
As per Godaddy, what ever changes in the name server, there will be a downtime, please clarify this.

Hi Cloonam,

Thanks for looking into my query, do you mean we cannot register the same domain in the new Cloudflare account…? We have to remove the site from the existing Cloudflare account first and then add the same in the new account, am I right…?

No, you can add the zone (site/domain) to the second account while it is active in the first account. Just use the process that shared with you. The domain will not become active in the second account until you change the nameservers away from those used in the first account to those used in the second account.

You just never want more than the 2 cf nameservers and you do not want to mix ns from multiple cf accounts.

That is covered in the Tutorial from @domjh that shared…

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