How to transfer shopify host domain to cloudflare

in the transfer button,there is only cloudflare registered domain i can choose to transfer

Is that domain already in your Cloudflare account for DNS?

yes i have tried to use home page-add new site

I register it from shopify and manage through that
rightnow I want to use Cloudflare for domain since I want use wordpress instead of shopify

Right now, the name servers are set to Googledomains. It looks like it’s registered at Tucows (or a reseller of theirs…you said Shopify). You’ll need to set the name servers to what Cloudflare instructed you to when you added the domain.

why ?I dont want Cloudflare act as proxy of shopify domain register
i want to transfer from there to Cloudflare.
from shopify transfer guide ,I got is open for transfer

Your domain is unlocked and open for transfer to your new provider. If you've given the authorization code tIau!QY|,to your new provider, your transfer should be in progress. Check with your new provider for details of your transfer.

Cloudflare doesn’t have to proxy it, since you can set your DNS records to :grey: DNS Only. But if you’re trying to transfer the domain registration, Terms of Service 6.1 says you have to use Cloudflare Name Servers.

I have fix dns setting,just wait for next steps

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