How to transfer from one cloudflare account to another cloudflare account

I’ve looked at other similar topics but there is no information on how to make this happen.
Company B needs to “transfer in” to Cloudflare a domain from company A, that has the domain also in Cloudflare. Company A has unlocked the domain. I (company B) have been unsuccessful at transferring in to our account.

If the domain is using Cloudflare Registrar you need to first move it to a different registry and then into the second account. (the team knows this is a pain and is working to make it easier)

If the domain is not using Cloudflare Registrar you need to add it to the second account and change the nameservers at the domain registrar.

With either scenario, if there is a lot of configuration customization (dns record, page rules, et al) you will want to plan on how to recreate those in the second account. Let us know if that is the case.

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The domain is with another company right now. I guess I need to setup an “outside” account that both companies have access to so it can be transferred into new account by company A, then transferred from new account by company B. Does that sound right?

That is not necessary.

Is the domain using Cloudflare Registrar?

Yes, domain is currently with Cloudflare. Needs to be transferred to my company which is also with Cloudflare

If the domain is currently using Cloudflare registrar services for the domain registration and renewal, it cannot be transferred to another Cloudflare account without first having the registration transferred to a third-party registrar. Once the domain registration is no longer handled by Cloudflare, the DNS can be moved into the new Cloudflare account. The registration can be transferred to the new Cloudflare account once the sixty-day transfer-hold expires.

Companies involved are Q4 and WTS. Q4 has the domain now.
Q4 will need to transfer out to any registrar.
Then transfer back to Cloudflare but using WTS account info.
WTS accepts the domain into their account but not until 60 lockout has passed.

Can you update the name servers for this domain? Our customers website has been down going on two weeks now because the name servers need updating. Waiting 60 days is not an option to be down.

You cannot change the assigned nameservers on a domain that uses Cloudflare registrar. Once you transfer the domain out to another registrar, you can use whatever nameservers you want, including those at another Cloudflare account. You don’t need to wait sixty days for that.

I’m not sure why your customer’s website going down would have anything to do with nameservers needing updating, but that is probably a subject that deserves it’s own topic. If you post the details in a new topic, I am sure someone will offer to help you understand what is happening.

We will try the transfer as soon as possible and change settings as needed. However, we received a notice after pre-adding the domain to our account to update name servers from clint ns Cloudflare com to gina ns Cloudflare com. Our customer’s site went offline shortly before we received this notice.

Changing the nameservers is what moves the domain activation from one account to another. There is no reason why adding the domain to another Cloudflare account should have any effect on the existing account. We would need to dig in with a lot more detail. It really does deserve its own topic, if it’s something you want to explore. In the meantime, hopefully your site is up and your transfer is pending. It typically takes 5 days for a transfer, so if you still are having site issues, I encourage you start that other topic.

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This 60 day rule applies for domains overseen by ICANN, majority of ccTLD’s do not have this rule - i.e. UK can be moved instantaneously, multiple times in a single day if so wished.

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