How to transfer domain to cloudfare

Hi all, I’m trying to transfer a domain to Cloudflare. I went to Registrar page, clicked on Transfer, but I’m not able to enter the domain I want to transfer. It seems Registrar would provide options, but based on what? How does it know about my domains with other Registrars, based on iCANN info?

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Your domain first has to be on Cloudflare already to begin with. Only then will you be able to transfer it, assuming its TLD is supported by Cloudflare at this point.

Is the domain on Cloudflare already which TLD is it?

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Thank you for your reply, the domain I want to transfer is now on Google Domains.

So it’s not using Cloudflare’s service? Then you can’t transfer it either.

What’s the domain?

All right, yes that domain can be transferred to Cloudflare but you’ll first need to add it.

Great, could you please let me know where I shouold add it?

You just need to follow the standard procedure

Thank you, I didn’t know I could keep the domain with Google Domains, while using Cloudflare name servers. Transferring the domain would be a separate and not required step.


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