How to transfer Domain from Netfirms

Hi All,

My name is Scott! I am probably missing something really dumb here but I am transferring my Domain ( ) from Netfirms to Cloudflare. I’ve already added the DNS stuff on the Netfirms side and added the Domain to my Cloudflare account.

Currently it says my Domain is “Active” on Cloudflare, and when I click on it it says “Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site”. If I look to the right hand side, I see “Registrar: Unknown”. If I try to go to the Transfers page to transfer my domain to Cloudflare, it doesn’t show up in the list.

I’ve made sure everything is correct on the Netfirms side and I even have the transfer code ready to go.

Any quick fix for this? I signed up a free Cloudflare account as I’m a hobbyist and I’m just going to point my domain back to my in-house server running a few web services like Plex, VaultWarden etc. via sub domains. This is by no means mission critical but I am stumped as to why it’s not showing up to be able to be transferred.


Hi @scottdrmyers,

Cloudflare doesn’t currently support .ca domains on the registrar service. The supported TLDs are listed here:

You can use Cloudflare’s other services on your domain, but won’t be able to transfer the registration.


Cool. Thanks for the answer. That explains it.

Feature Enhancement Request:

For domains ending in one of the unsupported TLDs, maybe put a note or a link on the Transfer page or beside the domain? Probably would save time with a few of these requests. (and yes I should have searched first) :P.

I guess I will register a domain with a supported TLD. :slight_smile:



:thinking: I’m pretty sure the transfer page used to show a list of domains available and also a list of ineligible domains. That seems to have disappeared, does anyone else remember that?

Tagging @ebrown with this feedback.

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Yeah, it used to be a different UI. In the refresh, it apparently vanished…


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