How to transfer Cloudflare Registrar domain to another Cloudflare account?

I recently bought a domain using Cloudflare Registrar and would like to transfer it to another Cloudflare account. On the documentation it currently states that this isn’t possible.

What is the fastest way to transfer a domain to another Cloudflare account?

Thank you for the help.

The documentation is correct. I’m afraid that feature isn’t available yet.

What would you reckon the path to success on the transfer be?

Transfer the domain out of Cloudflare and then back in?

Transfers are locked for 60 days, so it’d be a long process. The quickest approach would be to just transfer out. If you’re using Cloudflare Registrar to save money, I suggest you add a bunch of years, then transfer out and leave it out.

Aaaah… So, after I transfer out, I would have to wait 60 days until I can transfer again?

Why wouldn’t one want to keep the domain in Cloudflare?

Any estimates on when this will be available? We need to consolidate a bunch of domains to a new account due to merging two companies.

Currently domains registered with Cloudflare Registrar cannot be transfered between Cloudflare accounts. We’re working to enable this capability.
Above page has not been updated in the last 9 months…

The 60 day rule is an ICANN rule, which have no authority over most ccTld’s, for example, .uk domains. So in the case of .uk domains, they can be transfered at any point during registration and even during expiry in some conditions. It is up to the ccTld’s registry and registrar what limitations there are on transfers of ccTld’s.

The Cloudflare documentation linked above should be updated to reflect that ICANN rules do not apply to all domains.

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