How to transfer Cloudflare DNS ownership from my Cloudflare account to another Cloudflare account?

I have one domain’s DNS records served by my Cloudflare account, and need to transfer it to another Cloudflare account. How?

Currently it can’t be done. You would need to transfer the domain out to another registrar, wait 60 days, transfer back in.

It is a common requested feature.

I’m not talking about transferring the domain, just the DNS management.

As long as you aren’t using Cloudflare registrar you can follow this guide.

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Sorry, saw the word “ownership” and assumed.

You can add the domain name to another account, Cloudflare will give two new nameservers to use. Once those are set at the registrar (as long as Cloudflare isn’t the registrar), that account will run the DNS. The domain can be deleted from the other account, or will automatically delete after a period.


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