How to track of consumed builds on cloudflare pages?

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Cloudflare pages provide 500 builds per month but how can i check or where in Cloudflare dashboard i can check the build consumed this month. As what github or i think might be diiferent that hwo Cloudflare calculate the 500 builds per month

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There’s not currently any indication in the UI for how many builds you’ve used via Pages yet unfortunately. I wouldn’t worry about it too much during beta though - I think the numbers are a little flexible at the moment.

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Hi @cherryjimbo

but how you know how much you have consumed i am afraid it will stop building and i will not know when. do you what happenes when the free limit is reached does it automatically upgrade or it stop building unless i upgrade the plan


Until the count is displayed in the dashboard, I wouldn’t worry about how many builds you have left. :wink:

You won’t ever be automatically upgraded or charged though - in the future I imagine you’ll receive a warning once you’re getting close and/or hit the builds limit.

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