How to track IP user end-visitors for free?


I found that (True-Client-IP) service is for enterprise plan only and I need a free solution to track IP visitor for my graduation project with Cloudflare,

I found another link that describes how to enable track IP visitor on apache2 server with some repositories from Cloudflare, So is that possible if I configure it on my backend server?

Here is the reference to what I meant at the last:

Could anyone help me, please?

Every request comes with the following two headers by default:

You should be able to incorporate that header in your software for tracking user IP addresses. Or one of the below methods:


Actually I’m using apache2 running on my server, I’ve seen that rules but I need to make sure if it’s applicable before I start configure it.

Am I right?

Works just fine with Apache 2, it can be configured in every web server, those rules apply for Apache 2.

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While true, it’s mainly so that customers who previously used a different CDN would not have to change anything on the backend, as that header is used by a major CDN. It’s the same as CF-Connecting-IP, which is in every request.

I tend not to use XFF in your scenario as it is not always a single client IP, and can be a chain of IPs you need to process.

The link by @matteo is generally the quickest and most reliable to get the correct outcome.

Is there something that could be used for Nginx? Thanks.

Same page posted before.


Thank you so much!

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So, if I understand correctly CF-Connecting-IP has the client IP even if it’s for a free account. Am I right?

Already answered earlier.

That is correct.

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