How to Track Individual Page CPU Time in Cloudflare Pages Function

We have a large-scale application with thousands of pages hosted on Cloudflare Pages - Workers Fn, and we’re struggling to identify which pages are consuming excessive CPU time. We need a reliable method to monitor and track CPU usage for each page to optimize performance and resource allocation. Any insights, tools, or techniques for effectively measuring CPU time on a per-page basis within Cloudflare Pages - Workers Fn would be greatly appreciated. Share your experiences and solutions!

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Just two days after upgrading to the Workers paid plan, I noticed 18,247,458 milliseconds of CPU usage. How quickly it’s consuming resources, and frustratingly, there seems to be no way to track which specific pages are causing this drain—it only shows the overall data. Can anyone offer assistance with this issue?


Were you able to figure this out?

Currently, not possible to track individual resources only overall project data.

Hi @rahulkumarsingh73690 :wave:

You could use Logpush for the HTTP dataset and forward the Worker CPU time and the request URI to your collector target. This way you should see which pages use CPU time.