How to totally disable coudflare cache


I recently integrated Cloudflare to improve my website speed. However, the system is causing problems by caching my website in server level.

My sitemaps are not updated due to this server level caching. I have a dedicated cache plugin for this and I’ve excluded sitemap on it.

Checking my http header, I found out Cloudflare is caching my website.

Please how do I disable cache entirely on Cloudflare… I need to serve my website’s latest posts on XML sitemap. Please it’s urgent.


You can adjust what is cached by using cache rules. You can set a rule for specific URLs (such as your sitemap) or for the whole subdomain or domain…

Thanks for your response…

I’ve been following the process… it’s quite complicated and I’m stuck.

I’ve done this:

  • Zone > Cache Rules > Edit
  • Account Rulesets > Edit
  • Account Filter Lists > Edit

Should I ignore other settings beneath… if not how do I feel them

Can you please give an easy step by step guide to do this…

Following the link you shared is quite complicated


I recently shared that Cloudflare is caching my website and not serving the latest posts in XML sitemap.

How to totally disable Cloudflare caching

I got a response to adjust what is cached by using cache rules, with a link on how to set this.

Unfortunately, the guide has several other links and those links contain other links … making the whole process very confusing and complicated.

Can I get a simple step by step guide on how to disable Cloudflare caching on my website forever!


In reviewing the suggestion by @sjr you’d want to create a page to bypass caching for your entire site (e.g.,*).

Go here to add that rule

This link will take you there →

  1. Enter your domain followed by /* to apply the rule to all pages (e.g.,*).
  2. Add a setting & choose “Cache Level” and select “Bypass”.

The rule would look like:

Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 9.22.27 AM or rather than page rule

Let us know if that helps.

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Thanks for the guide Cloonan,

I’ve set it up… simple and straightforward.

I hope this stops Cloudflare from caching my website completely? (image attached)

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