How to ticket / under attack & need help

Am I being banned (my post is not bold like the others)
Does anyone have a link to open a trouble ticket?

The only cloud flare ip linking to my server is 162.x.x.x
I’m getting ddos’d to death as a result (naturally)

I flushed iptables and tried each one of cloudflare’s ip addresses and i get nothing until I add the 162.x.x.x which becomes bombarded with rubbish.

I view in etherape and wireshark and aside from an occasional open ip with cloudflare’s 108.x.x.x, only 162.xx.x appears to be available to me.

When I go to submit a trouble ticket, there must be some problem so maybe I’m not going to the right link or something.

This issue has been going on for quite a while now.

As seen, my ip address of is not showing any open ports (only cloudflare is able to get through so it has to be getting referred as wireshark says so).

Oh, @springfieldcomputer, not that I’m aware of.

On the forums here? That may just mean you’ve read the post…

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

Oh thank god…that sounds reasonably right.

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I think i already went that route with the “need more help”.

Cloonan, did you change your photo? You used to be younger.

Anyway, can you tell me something?

My dad is a reseller for hostgator and told me that I can change over today using his ns1 and ns2 and blah blah blah…

but my question is since cloudflare is my domain name service now (transferred from google), does anything change in the ability to connect (I mean will I just simply be spinning my wheels and still only receive 162.x.x.x and 108.x.x.x from cloudflare OR DOES HOSTGATOR take the place of cloudflare (sorry I’m clueless)?

ps. I am getting hit with

and more!

Isn’t cloudflare filtering that stuff like it says here:

Cloudflare DDoS Protection
Prevents DDoS attacks across the network and application layers. These mitigations are automatically enabled for all customers across all plans.
Group Description
HTTP Flood Prevents attacks caused from a flood of HTTP requests.
UDP Flood Prevents attacks caused from a flood of UDP packets.
SYN Flood Prevents attacks caused from a flood of TCP packets sent with SYN flag.
ACK Flood Prevents attacks caused from a flood of TCP packets sent with ACK flag.
QUIC Flood Prevents attacks caused from a flood of QUIC requests.

wireshark shows tons of syn ack

um, yea, happens

If he’s saying move your site to their hosting and set up cloudflare via hostgator, they are a partner and that is possible. When you set up via a partner they manage the dns. You’ll still have a dns tab on your cloudflare dashboard, but it will say manage the records elsewhere. Aside from that, many partners have differing levels of ssl support so there. It’d be like starting over with cloudflare in terms of overall setup.

But, with the attack. Have you enabled under attack mode? Can you tell anything from the logs to see if you can block them?

I went hunting here to see where I could suggest starting. There are a lot of posts when attacks happen and they may be worth looking for here for other nuggets, but this is the best place to start, Under DDoS Attack! First steps

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Recently I went to my little used gmail account and they apparently still have me set up to pay them for my domain name (but I’m wondering if the whole google/cloudflare thing might be the problem which actually started at google and that’s why I moved to cloudflare)…somewhere it appears to be poison altogether.

As for directing me to “i’m under attack”…been there done that, too much work at this age.

Maybe it’s time to bail and start over with a whole new name and address. <That was my dad’s suggestion anyway.

He says: You can’t log in until I get the account setup. they do not accept the website name.

Enough. I think it’s time to dismiss both google and cloudflare and hope for the best with a new name and address that nobody knows now (hopefully hostgator is separate enough where I can start fresh and hopefully their trouble-ticket center is accessible when and if something arises)

That’s not an uncommon combination.

Enabling that gives support a bit more detail in the logs to help and it’s the flip of a switch. Also, I checked your logs to see what I could find and your security level is essentially off; if not changing to UAM, maybe start with setting to High on the Firewall app, setting menu?

Thanks cloonan, yeah I turned security to essentially off yesterday (tried every switch available…had tons of blocks at one time too)…anyway I’m already in the process of starting life over by getting a new domain name at
…thanks for all your help though.

sorry if I sound so miserable (it can only get better)

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