How to test if APO is working

Hi How does one test if APO is working on their wordpress site?

As per this article you are supposed to see this header: How to Set up Cloudflare APO for WordPress

I dont see the following header: cf-apo-via

Does this mean APO is not active on my website. I have downloaded the plugin and it states it is active. But why am i not seeing this header? I have also purged all cache.

I do see CF-cache-status: HIT
But i dont see CF-apo-via

so, what the deal? Any suggestions?
Pls help. Thanks.

What’s the domain?

Domain is godseeksyou dot com
I am seeing CF apo-via KV or cache

But i also see cache-provider CLOUDWAYS cache DC…shouldnt this be Cloudflare? Does this mean APO is not working? But i do see CF apo-via cache and cache status hit

If you dont mind can you also answer why i see SEA (Seattle), when i am located in Vancouver. Cloudflare has a server in Vancouver, so that is closet to me. Why am I not hitting Vancouver, but Seattle. Whole point of APO is that the site’s HTML transferred over to all the edge servers. So, I should be hitting the closest one no?

Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated.

I’m seeing the expected headers:

As for the data center, they’re independent, so like every other cached asset, it’s only cached at that data center after the the first requests. Seattle is close to Vancouver, so the routing is up to your ISP.

Based on the presence of our headers and what I’m seeing in your cache performance, it does look as though the APO is working properly and your assets are being cached with Cloudflare correctly. You’re using the Breeze plugin which is why you’re seeing Cloudways Cache as the cache-provider.

Checking the headers for that html page, I’m still seeing our APO headers which is good, it just is indicating it’s not caching because of the cache-control headers from your host:

cache-control: max-age=0
cache-provider: CLOUDWAYS-CACHE-DE
cf-apo-via: origin,no-cache
cf-cache-status: BYPASS

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