How to test an Active-Passive Failover (Cloudflare load balancer)?

I set up an active-passive failover (load balancer):
But I was in doubt with some settings.

1) What is this error? "TLS name mismatch error"

  1. I have a primary dedicated server (IP 1), and a secondary vps server (IP 2) that should open the site only if the dedicated server fails.

So, on my hosting, I have the same domain of my site ( both on dedicated and on vps, but on vps it’s just a simplified version of the site in html.

How can I test if the website is displaying correctly in vps? Is it possible to simulate if the dedicated server failed, what content will users see?

My configuration (I added 2 pools, each 1 with its respective ip):

Captura de Tela 2021-08-18 às 17.31.35

Thank you.

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