How to temporarily disable CloudFlare (including dns)?

I wanted an easy way to completely disable cloudflare for testing, so it looks like you’re accessing the site directly from the hosting, without any influence from cloudflare.

On the panel there is the option “Disable CloudFlare” but the site still somehow continues going through cloudflare, using the cloudflare dns.

Is it possible, after pointing my domain to the cloudflare DNSs, I can use the cloudflare panel to point to my hosting DNS? Just pointing out the primary and secondary dns?

I ask because on the cloudflare panel there are dozens of options: “A, CNAME, MX, SRV” etc.
And when I pointed to cloudflare I just needed to set Primary and Secondary DNS that you guys provided me with.

Anyway, maybe there is an option that actually disables cloudflare without any dns interference or other resources, so you can do more accurate tests.

I appreciate if you can guide me on this issue because I have a domain that I intend to use on cloudflare, but there is a lot of bureaucracy to make this appointment, and it can take days because it involves sending documentation to another city.

So if i need to disable cloudflare completely, i need to make sure i can do it quickly on the panel itself without having to remove the cloudflare assignment, because as i said, it is very bureaucratic and time-consuming.

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The only way would be to change your name servers, and that can take up to 48 hours.

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Thanks for you reply.

I am going through a very strange situation.

I have 2 domains configured the same way on cloudflare, and one displays the hostgator certificate and the other displays the cloudflare certificate. (show hostgator certificate) (show cloudflare certificate)

  • On hostgator hosting, both domains have active SSL certificates
  • Initially I set the domain as flexible for testing, but I went back to full, and even so it keeps showing the cloudflare certificate.
  • I enabled cloudflare on a 3º domain and it also shows Hostgator’s certificate.

How can this happen?
Could it be related to me changing it to flexible and then going back to full?

See that for me it makes no difference to use one certificate or another, I just want to understand what defines which will be displayed to the user!

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