How to takedown infringing web-page from Cloulflare?

Now,I have a problem is like it.

Perhaps Cloudflare doesn’t have to cut off copyright-infringing web-page.
Cloudflare are not a hosting provider.
How do I ask Cloudflare blocked or reconfigure , redirected to a blank page for copyright-infringing web-page
Infringing web-page remove from Cloudflare server not delete it on hosting provider?
What can I do for copyright-infringing web-page disappearing in Cloudflare?
Just one of addresse. Thanks

You don’t. As you just said, Cloudflare is not the host and does not control what the server contains. As for a domain being proxied, you still need to go through the regular abuse form at Once they received it the responsible team will make a decision on how to handle that report.

For anything else, I am afraid you would have to seek legal advice, as the community cannot provide that.

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DMCA is completely irrelevant if the host is not within the US. DMCA might apply to Cloudflare, though recent court rulings do not seem to support that.

Again, you should submit mentioned form. If Cloudflare does not take action to your liking you can only get legal advice.


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