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I had generated a ticket 8 days ago. Now I am waiting for a reply since 8 days. What should I do? Is there a paid support option for 1 particular ticket? Do I need to pay to get support?


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Hi @user3011,

There is not a way to pay to get a quicker response, response time is generally based on your plan level (Ent/Biz/Pro/Free in that order). Did you get an autoresponse on the ticket? If you did and it didn’t help, did you reply to that to reopen the ticket?

Hi domjh,

I got 1st suggestion to solve the problem 8 days ago. I replied after doing that, it did not work. After that I did a second reply 3 days ago(after waiting for many days). and Today. Ticket status is open.

I was on business plan two month back. During Pandemic, we shift to PRO plan.

Understood and thank you.

I have flagged your ticket number to see if a mod can have a look for you.

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Hi @user3011, I see your ticket and the interactions with Support. This issue comes up frequently and usually not an issue to resolve. Can you attach a screen shot to the ticket or this thread showing the ASN or IP you set the rule to allow? I do not see it in the account. Next, great discussion here on how this issue was addressed, Facebook url sharing | attention Required! | Cloudflare - #4 by cbrandt.


I have identified that issue was related to DNSSEC. I m requesting them to remove all dns record. (Only ds records are removed when we disable them in cloudflare dashboard).

Hi, on the DNS app of the cloudflare dash, I see DNSSEC is not enabled
Screenshot from 2020-06-18 09-35-22

Whois confirms that DNSSEC: unsigned.

Can you attach a copy of your firewall rule that allows the facebook ASN or IP?

Sir even you own tool contradicting that

Another tool is saying only DS record is deleted. All other things remain intact.


that will help to verify to rule

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Sir I have removed the IP(ASN) 24 hours ago from firewall after waiting many days for reply.

To the satisfaction of support. I have allowed them back.

Thank you! Good discussions about similar issues here, Getting a Cloudflare error when sharing my website on social media & Facebook url sharing | attention Required! | Cloudflare - #4 by cbrandt

Was DNSSEC active on the domain with your original domain registrar?

MY domain registrar is cloudflare. Can you please ask someone to remove other records as well? I am little desperate here,

Yes, I see the domain was moved to cloudflare, was DNSSEC active on the domain with your previous domain registrar? I cannot see any indication DNSSEC was activated from the cloudflare dash, hence the reason for my question.

I have seen this issue in the past. When we enable dnssec from cloudflare dashboard. They enable DS Record DNSKEY RRSET RRSIGs and some other thing.

When we disable dnssec. Cloudflare only remove DS records. Rest of the record remain there. Which is completely wrong.

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Ugh, looked a lot deeper and I do see a handful of toggles to DNSSEC in your logs. Will update on the ticket accordingly.


Thanks cloonan. Problem resolved.


Thank you, @user3011, I’ve updated the tip with the fix Support shared with you.

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