How to tackle 522 errors?

I am on the free Cloudflare plan. I have a really fast VPS in NL, well tuned with nginx and whatnot. Sites are wordpress.

I do get 522 errors on css and js files, and once in a while the retry for a live version header - or the 522 screen of death.

As said, server is in NL, I am in Asia. Targeted audience is in Asia. When I a VPN in Europe I don’t get those errors. So I presume it’s related to the routing, maybe, but it’s just a wild guess.

Is there any setting that helps? Or is my finding totally wrong?

I do get these problems specially in the admin area, which according to page rules should not be cached, so my theory might be wrong.

A 522 error typically happens when Cloudflare requests to the origin (your webserver) get blocked. Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for troubleshooting ideas.

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I can’t trace it.

All Cloudflare blocks are whitelisted in fail2ban, I don’t use any other firewall as far as I know. Plus, the error is intermittent and usually on reload it’s fine. The chance to get a 522 is maybe 1:20. A blocked IP would mean no connection, never.

When I load a page, it often loads fine, but I get a 522 on some *.js files, sometimes.

I am glad it mostly works, but intermittent errors seem much harder to find.

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