How to switch hosting provider while site is on Cloudflare

Hello, I want to switch my website from Bluehost to a virtual server. Currently my website’s DNS is set to cloudflare servers. How can I switch hosting for my domain. Could you please advise.

Your DNS records here should match the DNS records at your new provider. Just click the values you want to change.

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Thanks of your reply sdayman. Honestly though it helps but not sure what exactly to change here. One option for me is to delete the site here completely and move the DNS to the new VPS server and add a new A record there. but As it is on cloudflare I would need help to identify which records actually need to change in here to only transfer the domain hosting to new server. Is it just the IP address A record or do I need to change some CNAME records as well. I just do not want to go down the hit and try route as I will then end up spending more time to fix it. Please could you provide specific instructions?

So of these which records should I change to tell cloudflare my hosting server has changed. I will change the email servers later once hosting works properly

I don’t know where your mail will be hosted, but I bet that anything ending in 234 was your old server. For starters…change the .shop and www IP addresses.

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