How to switch Edge Certificates (1 year expire) to Origin Server (15 years expire)

Hi there!

I’m facing something strange (for me)… today early I installed my certificate (Origin Server) into The certificate that was showing was the with 15 years expire (origin server).

But now is showing the Universal (edge ​​certificate) with 1 year expire.

How can I force the Origin Server one to be used? Just turning off Universal SSL? If I turn it off I’ll need to do all the manual process again to install the Origin Server ceritificate, or will it be switched automatically?

Origin certificate is only valid for a proxied origin. It can not be used at the edge.

Is there something wrong with the edge certificate you currently have?

Apparently nothing wrong, but if Origin Server was installed it shouldn’t have been replaced by Edge Certificate, right?

So If I turn off Universal SSL it will replace the 1 year expire one certificate with the 15 years expire one that I installed earlier?

Nope. You still need Universal SSL.


Then are both running SSL/TSL?

Absolutely. That’s the only way to encrypt all communication between your server and your visitors.


I meant if they are running simultanously. If it is, then OK, theres nothing really wrong. :slight_smile:

They have to run simultaneously.


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