How to survive on pro plan!


I am from Delhi, India. Today I run a ping to my website (using cloudflare network). Usually I work on wifi. But all my user uses mobile network. So I give it a try on 1 network Airtel:

171 packets transmitted, 155 packets received, 9.4% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 348.431/798.279/1472.421/196.131 ms

Packet loss: 9.4%
Avg packet round trip: 798ms

On Jio slightly better
159 packets transmitted, 152 packets received, 4.4% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 325.957/520.766/1006.977/138.498 ms

Packet loss: 4.4%
Avg packet round trip: 520ms

Tell me how to survive that?

On JIO I was connect to VIE, and on Airtel MXP (It seems they do not have colo in Asia)

Traceroute to your site using the mobile network. Identify the first couple of hops. Ping those instead of your site. This will tell you if the packet loss is over the air on the mobile network.

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Can you change all world mobile network? I dont think so. They(users) are going to use the mobile network they like.

But can you explain why a user from Delhi/India/Asia getting served from entirely different continent? Thats gonna add lots and lots of issue for mobile 4g network.

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