How to submit a ticket for Teams standard support?

Submitted a ticket after upgrading to a teams standard account, but the ticket was immediately closed as primary cloudflare account is unpaid. Is there a different place that Teams tickets should be submitted?

Hi @jasmas did the reply you received indicate the ticket was closed due to non-payment? I’ve not ever seen that before.

Can you share the ticket number here. Also, please respond via email to the email you received and include a link to this thread, How to submit a ticket for Teams standard support?


Currently are two because I opened another as the first one I didn’t check the box saying it was domain related, so I thought that might be the issue.
Messages I’ve received don’t say anything about nonpayment, only that I’m on free tier. Though what you did charge doesn’t make much sense to me.


Got it, thank you.

We can merge them together.

Will take a look and post back.

Hi! I’m facing the same problem here. I’m paying for Teams but unable to reach support directly, I’m getting back a generic email about “free plan” which is not relevant to me.

How did you solve it @cloonan ?

No, it’s still a problem. Opened another request #2203347 yesterday and it was immediately closed as well. @MoreHelp

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