How to stop using Cloudflare as our DNS if domain transfer is not yet permitted?


First off - we have nothing against Cloudflare and continue to be a paying subscriber for many of our domains! :-). However for one domain in particular which needs to use AWS Elastic Beanstalk, life is just easier if we also have its zone file server via AWS Route 53.

The issue is that we recently transferred this domain into Cloudflare who are now the “registrar” and as this was a recent transfer we can’t now transfer out to another registrar, where we could easily specify Route 53 as the authoritative ns.

Put simply we need to set Route 53 as the authoritative but can’t find a way to do that inside Cloudflare. Except for transferring the domain out to another registrar, which we’re prevented from doing because of the 60-day ruling on domain transfers. Catch 22.

Is there a way to leave Cloudflare as the registrar but say “no longer be the authoritative ns > use Route 53 instead” ? Or are we now stuck until the 60 day period is up?



If it is a .com domain: yes.
But that does not have anything to do with Cloudflare that’s a cooldown time for ALL registrars for certain TLDs to prevent that these TLDs are getting dealed too much.

Are you able to share the domains TLD?

AFAIK it’s not possible to host a domain at Cloudflare but using external Nameserver.

more informations: FAQs for Registrants: Transferring Your Domain Name - ICANN

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I understand the 60 day period isn’t a Cloudflare thing - but I was still hunting for a solution. It’s a .com

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