How to stop use cloudflare SSL?

I checked my SSL certificate on, and I found that it showed Cloudflare’s SSL certificate, and it only got a B grade.
I have installed Comodo SSL on my VPS. I want to use Comodo SSL and stop using Cloudflare’s SSL certificate. How do I set it up?

You need to understand why SSL Labs is giving you B grade. I believe it’s not because of the certificate you are using, but the TLS version you are supporting. Are you setting “Minimum TLS version” to “TLS 1.0” in the Cloudflare dashboard? It’s under SSL/TLS - Edge Certificates tab.

To get A grade in SSL Labs test, you should set the Minimum TLS version setting to TLS 1.2.

Anyway, to answer your question - only Business plan or higher users can upload custom SSL certificates to Cloudflare. Else, you have to unproxy your DNS record, which effectively routes all the traffic directly to your origin.


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