How to stop my subdomain from going through Cloudflare

We have a domain that has NS records pointing to Cloudflare. And we have a subdomain that is running an LMS and certain features seem to be not functioning because of Cloudflare.
I’ve tried turning the proxy off to see if that works, but it does not. I’ve also tried adding page rules, but that didn’t seem to do anything either.

Is it possible to remove my subdomain from Cloudflare and still have it load? If not, if I changed my NS records back to route 53, could I still have Cloudflare services on Some of my subdomains?

Thanks for the help in advance

Turning off proxying is turning off Cloudflare, so I would suggest verifying your records are set correctly per the needs of the product you are using.

There is a Pause Cloudflare on Site switch on the dashboard that will route all traffic directly to the origins, bypassing Cloudflare completely outside of nameservers, this could be useful for troubleshooting.

If you change name servers you’ll lose all Cloudflare features across the domain.

You could also consider delegating just the subdomain in question, creating a zone for elsewhere and delegating just this subdomain.

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Thanks for the reply.
I tried the Pause Cloudflare on site, and I tried loading up the dashboard and it still won’t load. I’m guessing that means it’s not a Cloudflare issue?

In general, yes. But I would verify the DNS records are correct, there could be a typo or something missing.

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