How to stop cloudflare?

Hello, how do I block cloudflare from restricting my freedom to browse the internet. How do I control cloudflare from which sites I allow cloudflare to not allow me to visit due to security risk? Is there a certain code or scrypt I need to learn to do this? How do I make the choice to not let cloudflare control what I know is not a risk to visit a website? How do I block Cloudflare? Who gave you guys the permission and authority to regulate where I can go on the internet? China? Russia? Nazi’s? I want an honest answer. Don’t just delete this message and block me. Communicate like a human being, and american and explain to me and give me instructions on how to block cloudflare? If you delete this and do not give me a proper response you are enemies of the united states’ of america and with the power vested in me by the constitution of the united states I will press charges against your organization as urban terrorists and will take this all the way to congress and the supreme court. Me and my million plus social media friends will begin a campain that I will pay for that will reach millions of people and tell the world what you guys are doing. And that is taking away our freedom and that your orginazation are enemies of the state and are working to or communist globalist government. And my celebrity friends are gonna get involved too. Their gonna appear on good day La and tell everyone the bad news for you for breakfast. It’s gonna go viral. Or you can tell me how to block cloudflare from controlling where I can go on the internet and I will just let it go. In the meantime I have some more questions. I want to know who you people are working for, and who put you in charge of being internet nazi’s of the world wide web? I want to know if you guys are apart of communist china because you definitely aren’t American because if you were American you would give an option to block cloudflare from taking away my freedom to look at or visit what ever website I want to visit on my own accord. I am grown human being with righteous values and good old country boy morals I don’t need cloudflare to control what I can or can’t see on the internet.

Cloudflare is a service used by businesses. Businesses choose what sort of security and blockers they put up using Cloudflare as the means to do so - if it weren’t Cloudflare, it would be another security/anti-ddos service. Thanks to the U.S. first amendment, businesses have a right to choose to refuse business to anyone at any time for any reason or no reason at all, so if you think you have a legal right to access certain websites, you should contact your local representatives to enact laws that work towards such. Even if you’re not in the U.S., your country can enact its own laws which businesses, including CF, would have to follow in order to do business in your country.

I have a feeling this thread won’t be constructive due to the copy/paste nature of your message, but I hope that’s not true, so I’ll leave this unlocked for now.



Reaching out to people and money cant buy you “rights”. As you seems to life in america which I think is a constitutional state you can not buy rights or truth :slight_smile:

Giving owners the freedom and the right to decide what the will do with their sites and who they serve and who not? As you talk about freedom… you may have not understood that your freedom ends where the freedom of others starts?

Blocking CloudFlare is like blocking a door which you want to enter …
Just have a look at where CloudFlare is registered.

Its like I say I do have the freedom to enter your house… its the freedom of the owner of the site which is defining the rules, please get more concerned with your laws :slight_smile:

I think reading your text was very entertaining… thanks for making my day :upside_down_face:


To answer your question: “How to stop cloudflare?”:
Here the answer: DONT USE IT, dont use CloudFlare, NOR do simply not even call any page using CloudFlare.


Create a firewall rule to block all traffic to and from Cloudflares network. They publish their IP addresses here.

Depending on how you connect to the Internet, you should also block all routes with AS13335 in the path.

Let me know how you get on.


Sorry I’m afraid you may misunderstand the nature of services Cloudflare provides. Cloudflare services broadly fall into 2 buckets:

  1. Services employed by website owners to provide security to from their website and website visitors. These include tools such as SSL termination to make sure visitor connections to their content is secure between the end user and Cloudflare’s edge services from ISPs and nefarious actors. It also include web application firewall rules to protect against security threats to their applications, customer data and services.

  2. Services used by individuals and business to enhance their privacy and security such as a DNSSEC validating resolver which supports DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPs. It also includes tools to provide a secure connection to the internet for outbound traffic.

Services in the first bucket are implemented and configured by individual websites, corporations and service providers to secure their internet facing infrastructure. Their choice of tools to protect their resources, if you believe they have chosen incorrectly, that is a point you should bring up with those companies or websites. It’s certainly possible to find alternatives to Cloudflare in the marketplace for your own web facing properties.

Services in the second bucket are either selected by individuals to protect themselves and their families or by businesses to protect their employees. If you don’t want to consume those services, you don’t need to install or configure Cloudflare’s tools or services. If the company you work for has chosen to deploy them; most states in the US are right-to-work in nature.