How to Stop Cloudflare SSL

I have already bought SSL from third party for one of my blog. Now i have both Cloudflare and thirdparty ssl on one of my blog ( . I want to know how to stop Cloudflare ssl for a while . Thanks

What do you mean by “stop”? You dont want to serve your site via HTTPS any longer?

i mean pause the Cloudflare ssl … so that i can activate it later

That would mean you wouldnt serve your site on HTTPS anymore. Is that what you want?

no i will serve my site on HTTPS , but not on Cloudflare ssl … i have already bought ssl from third party … i just want how to deactivate Cloudflare ssl

If you want to do that you’ll have to stop proxying your site (switching all :orange: icons to :grey:) after which all requests will go straight to your server.

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As @sandro said, but you will lose the other features of :logo: as well.

Alternatively you can sign up for a business plan, which will allow you to bring your own certificate.

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Okay @sandro and @domjh … Thank you for the replies … i will sure check the business plan too in future

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