How to stop cloudflare from caching text editor

Hello. I noticed that cloudflare is caching my site text editor, which means i have to wait for the text editor to load.

Please how do i stop cloudflare from doing that.

I’m new here.

Cloudflare doesn’t cache page HTML, but if that text editor is a .js URL that may be why. You can add a Page Rule to Cache Level Bypass that URL.

Yes, you are correct, it is .js url. How do i add the page rule to bypass it.

Page Rules are under the “Rules” section for your domain at

Hello. I tried adding a page rule to the editor, but it did not work. What could i be doing wrong

Please post the URL of that .js file and a screenshot of the Page Rule you added.


Make sure the Cache Level is Bypass

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How do i do this?

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Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help and support.

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