How to stop and disable stupid Hcaptcha from our Cloudflare site?

Recently, our site users are seeing too many Hcaptchas,

Cloudflare added this new stupid and annoying Hcaptcha without our permission.

How can we permanently remove this Hcaptcha and switch back to default google recaptcha which cloudflare was originally using?

This is hurting our user’s expereince, we are even on CF enterprise plan, but CF support team is not really being helpful and they take too much time to respond.

In the custom pages section of our CF Dashboard, we see option to configure the UI for captcha page, but i think that will only change the layout of the page but the inner tech captcha will still be of HCaptcha.

We want to get rid of this annoying and stupid Hcaptcha, looks like CF is making money by using Hcpatcha as my real human users are solving captchas and CF is getting paid for that, very inhumanely approach CF has did.

Similarly many people r facing this issue, STOP USING hCAPTCHA

see users complaining

If this doesn’t get solved asap , i’d have to write negative reviews about Hcaptcha integration with Cloudflare.


Hi there,

This sounds like it may be a configuration issue with your site: is it your intent that users see a challenge on all of those pages?

Most users solve our captchas in a few seconds, but it sounds like they’re seeing many more than we’d expect on the same site.


Too stupid for me too,

I sign up CF Community for hcaptcha reason.

That screenshot is hilarious, but it’s reality! You are not alone.

Turn your security level to “essentially off”.


Either that or create a firewall rule to ALLOW ALL from (although i’ve heard that suspicious IPs still get challenged sometimes despite the rule)

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