How to start domain transfer process again

I transferred several domains this morning but did not realize 3 of them were locked. So they did not complete. They are listed under “unable to transfer”. I have unlocked the 3 domains but cant figure out how to start the process again? Is there a place to manually type in the domain names?


Go here, are they listed there to transfer? I see several in your account you can transfer and others that are unable to transfer at the moment. Let us know how it goes and/or if you need any further help.

Two of them are. One of the 3 listed is one I don’t manage. is the other one

Got it, thank you. The has a Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited hold on it, your current registrar should be able to lift that for you if you ask. I do see a recent update for that one, that may prevent them from lifting the transfer prohibited, but it’s worth asking them to find out the details and to verify when it will be lifted if not just by asking them.

My mistake. I thought I got the lock disabled but did not. It is now.

Thanks !


@cloonan how do we get that to the list again now that I have unlocked it?


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I should just appear, let me check it

In addition to unlocking it, can you have the current registrar disable DNSSEC and make sure the domain is active with cf nameservers? whois is returning non-cf nameservers although this shows propagation in process, DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool. Dash on manage domain indicates it is not active.

It did show up and was able to transfer.

I missed the in addition part. Are you talking about the domain?

This domain is unused so really not worried about the config at this point unless you feel I need to mess with it.

Also what is the normal process if I try to transfer a domain and miss the lock or something. For some reason I am unable to try again. I assumed you were doing something to push them back over.