How to speed up removal of phishing and malware warning?

Hi, we have searched high and low to see how to contact someone by email or otherwise to speed up the removal of thephishing warning for mjaquatics and juliesdiscounts.

These two are sister companies.

We have cleaned the malware and upgraded to a new site software version, but we still see the warning. Do you have a specific url and/or file and/or code that seems to be causing an issue?

Thank you.

Unfortunately the community is unable to assist with abuse related issues. You can only follow the steps in your dashboard and reply to any emails you may have received from the Trust & Safety Team.


The support options recommended to open a topic here. Is there an email or a contact form I could contact Cloudflare team for trust and safety to get more information?
Netcraft has checked the site and said both sites were cleaned from malware.
How long do we usually wait for a site review? Thank you.

You can email [email protected] for Trust & Safety in this case.


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