How to specify custom SSH port on Spectrum?

In the demo video on the spectrum help page, it shows the ability to select ports, IPv 4/6, proxy, etc…I don’t see any of those options, just the ability to select between SSH/Minecraft, domain and IP address…


I presume you are on Pro or Business, correct? Then there is no way to do that. You need the enterprise plan to do so.


Yup, on Pro Plan. Well, this is totally useless to me then.


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I don’t understand why you wouldn’t be allowed in today’s hostile environment to be able to specify a custom SSH port. Its not very smart to use the standard port and every security expert recommends a non standard port otherwise you’re subject to continuous attacks. I think this is just good security practice. CF needs to allow custom ssh and rdp ports otherwise why even offer it. Enterprise offering is way above the budget of most small/medium sized companies.

Please allow custom ports for SSH and RDP in Pro and Business versions

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Cloudflare has a alternative for securing SSH that doesn’t require Enterprise:

Same thing applies for RDP:

Only problem with that is that you can’t customize the port. You are required to keep the standard port 22.

You can specify different ports. step 4